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The quality engagement of SEANEO meets a double requirement :

  • Bring to the clients proper guaranties on studies and services provided ;

  • Control the different stages of advancement of each project.

 The management in SEANEO is structured so that three main objectives are achieved in each project deliverables: fully integrated project, report quality and respect of timelines.

The quality and reliability of the data and information is a constant focus within the company. Each project initiated is proposed, structured and managed by the same project manager on the duration of the project. When needed for some projects, a management committee is created.

The project manager of the committee then liaises with all the partners involved and, internally, with the required engineers and scientists.

 The engagement of SEANEO is based on four main pillars:

  • Human resources and professional skills ;

  • Technical resources, presentation tools for key meetings, and communication tools ;

  • Methodologies and organisation backed-up with assessment tools and professional management softwares ;

  • Quality procedure and control with the designation of project managers responsible for the final scientific, technical, administrative and reporting quality.

SEANEO imposes high level of quality requirements in the studies and services in including the social requirements and environmental constraints. In parallel, all preventive measures in relation to regulatory aspects, in particular towards hyperbaric diving conditions, are seriously respected.