Human resources

SEANEO involves project managers, research and technical engineers and scientists; with team members possessing professional diving qualifications. 

Each team member is qualified and expert in at least one or several technical related topics. The project leaders are specifically trained and experienced in the management of integrated projects within coastal and marine environment, aquaculture, fishing and marine resources.

SEANEO’s long term vision represents its main force to drive a high quality level in data acquisition, client communication and project reporting. This focus is achieved by a personal and dedicated follow up of each project in close collaboration and constant open communication with the partners and clients. 

SEANEO relies on a network of academic experts, scientific and technical experts, and maintains numerous collaborations with public or private research laboratories throughout the world.

Technical resources

SEANEO uses and owns many technical equipment specifically dedicated to this very specialised coastal and marine environment field. SEANEO has also innovated in new technical solutions.

Technical resources of SEANEO include in particular:

  • Transport “at Sea” (boat, sea-kayaks, etc.) ;

  • Terrestrial resources and marine positioning (GPS, centimetrical GPS, acoustic telemetry) and communication (VHF, underwater communication, etc.) ;

  • Diving (open circuits, electronic and mechanic recycling devices for close circuits, nitrox, oxygenotherapy, inflating units, etc.) ;

  • Underwater video ;

  • Professional underwater photography ;

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