Coastal and marine environment

Surveys, mapping and management

The environmental awareness and regulations on coastal and marine areas are constantly increasing. Both private and public sectors are now basing many decisions, developments, public audits as well as communication approaches using environmental data.

The survey of coastal and marine environment requires in particular, water analyses (physico-chemical parameters, temperature, salinity, oxygen, microbial loads, etc.), sediment assessment (particle sizes, micro-pollutants, etc.) and analyses of the live organisms (benthos, plants, magnoliophytes, seaweeds, microalgae, fishes, corals and other bio-indicators).

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Regulatory studies

The spirit and various activities of SEANEO focusing on sustainable development integrate perfectly in the notion of “Econology”, regrouping both economic development in respect of ecological constraints. 

The environment and the sustainable development are legitimate concerns and increasingly presents at every stage of the advancement of a project, more specifically in coastal and marine context. SEANEO systematically seeks the right equilibrium and compromise in order to facilitate the economic development of an area, within environmental acceptable limits. 

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