The spirit and various activities of SEANEO focusing on sustainable development integrate perfectly in the notion of “Econology”, regrouping both economic development in respect of ecological constraints. 

The environment and the sustainable development are legitimate concerns and increasingly presents at every stage of the advancement of a project, more specifically in coastal and marine context. SEANEO systematically seeks the right equilibrium and compromise in order to facilitate the economic development of an area, within environmental acceptable limits. 

In order to reach this equilibrium, SEANEO adopts a global approach: knowledge of coastal and marine environment, multi-disciplines (environment, socio-economy, legislations, regulations, etc.) and integration of all the data collected (bibliography, field work, enquiries, meetings, etc.).

 The sustainable development of coastal and marine areas must be integrated in a regulatory context involving several levels, national, european and international, following specific procedures.

SEANEO is solicited in the framework of many regulatory studies (preliminary and feasibility studies, impact assessments, Natura 2000, Water Framework, protected species regulatory status, management plans, etc.), projects involving modifications and developments on coastal and marine sectors (harbours, ports, dredging, sedimentology modifications, water treatment plants, industries, artificial reefs, marine renewable energies, underwater cables and pipes, etc.).

The various steps of the work involve a first analysis on the project context (ecological, socio-economical and regulatory constraints), a “T0” status, an analysis of impact (nature, intensity, duration, reversibility, consequences, cumulative effects) followed by concrete proposals for suitable management (attenuation, reduction, suppression, compensatory measures). The advices and studies provided by SEANEO aim at providing the highest outcome in the environmental quality of the projects to maximise global acceptance and success (assistance to the leading project manager, management of various disciplines, data collections follow up, etc.).