An increasing number of clients in the marine sector base their marketing and communication approaches on specific tools sometimes both for internal and external purposes.

SEANEO reveals a strong knowledge of the coastal and marine environment, aquaculture and fishing. 

Their evolution and the impact on main stakeholders, through their marine related activities is also of great interest for us. This combination enables SEANEO to analyse the main concerns and challenges related to these sectors that are inter-connected by their common link to marine environments (modifications, uses, consensus, management, etc.). 

SEANEO’s members have been involved as scientific experts and photograph on scientific field experiments, on scientific publications, conferences and symposia but also books for general public, press-related field work, underwater commercial videos for television and cinema. 

SEANEO owns in particular a large database of professional quality pictures related to fauna, flora, habitats, natural ecosystems and human activities of coastal and marine environments, both in temperate and tropical areas.

SEANEO is also dedicated in providing high quality reports in terms of scientific content above all but with high quality pictures, graphisms and aesthetic illustrations which enhance the rigorous technical work. The impact of communication of these pictures and videos is well positioned in order to maximise their effect towards general and expert publics.

SEANEO proposes many services in relation to marine environment and resources description, valorisation and communication, from the production of brochures, underwater guides, development of exhibition posters, edition of booklets to submersible pads. SEANEO is also contracted for professional education, seminars and workshops.