The management and protection of coastal and marine ecosystems are more and more integrated in the international exchanges, at a time where these areas are facing higher levels of pressure. Fishing professionals are the first witnesses and actors of these changes that are sometimes, dramatic on a small period of time.

The concept of sustainable development is taking more and more ground within this professional approach before all but also in the general populations. Environment quality is the basis to maintain sustainable marine activities including coastal fishing. Fishing professionals wish to guaranty the long term development of their companies and therefore, are motivated to implement a sustainable development of their activities. 

SEANEO provides studies and services in fishing in synergy with environmental, economical and regulatory constraints to foster sustainable development.

  • Feasibility studies ;

  • Fishing sector studies ;

  • Diversification potentials ;

  • Economical and market studies ;

  • Enquiries and sector evaluation ;

  • Manufacturing processes for further valorisation ;

  • Quality control systems and accreditations ;

  • New tools for commercialisation and marketing ;

  • Development of port infrastructure and industrial areas ;

  • Assessments and on-board controls: catches, by-catches, by-products ;

  • Sustainable management implementation of marine resources.

SEANEO relies on a network of fishing academic experts, scientific and technical experts, and maintains numerous collaborations with public or private research laboratories throughout the world.