Research and development represent a key axe in SEANEO as this is the source of constant innovation.

SEANEO’s involvement in various research projects and scientific studies allow to the team to maintain a high level of technological knowledge, a regular reviewing of related scientific information and ensure to its client and collaborators a high level of expertise.

These projects enable to innovate also and propose to the clients new investigation and analytical tools with increasing performances.

SEANEO proposes a human, scientific and technical support within the development of new technologies and new procedures for the valorisation of the coastal and marine environment, aquaculture and fishing. The key to success in this type of projects stands in the integration of the original raw material, processing line developed and targeted markets. 

SEANEO provides service in biotechnologies and valorisation of marine resources (fishes, shellfishes, seaweeds, microalgae, by-catches and marine by-products) for a sustainable economical development. Through feasibility studies, technical assistance in processes, analytical support in the frame of new industrial processes, quality requirements (ISO) as well as raw material and molecule sourcing.

SEANEO has also innovated in new technical solutions and hold these novel tools through Intellectuel Property (IP).

SEANEO is accredited by the French Ministry for the Higher Education and Research as structure providing Research and Development (R&D) services. This national recognition allows SEANEO to carry out R&D studies which can be deducted by client of the Credit Impôt Recherche (CIR).